Monday, February 23, 2009

Journal 4: Transforming School Communities

Transforming School Communities by Helen Soule

Soule presents a wonderful interactive way for parents, teachers,
and administrators to really open the lines of communication
through the internet. Suggestions of blogs and online discussion
boards would allow for members of the community to get involved
and share ideas with those in a position to actually make those
changes. Also, rather than assuming kids will make it home with
messages from the school, technology presents a far more efficient
and successful way for teachers and administrators to communicate
with parents.

Q1: If I were to integrate technology as a source of communication
between parents and the school, how would I ensure that every
suggestion is heard?

A1: Perhaps we could arrange for a parent or administrator to
manage the blog. After a week or so of discussion, that blog manager
could summarize the discussion and bring those ideas to the school.
Therefore, the main ideas are being heard without the repetitive
nature of similar suggestions.

Q2: How could I organize the blog so that different topics are being
discussed individually, rather than one blog serving as the sole
grounds for ranting?

A2: Perhaps we could organize a number of blogs, each serving a
main topic. Maybe at the beginning of the month we could decide
on some main ideas, and then parents and families, maybe even
teachers, could have open discussions about that one topic without
other topics overshadowing its importance.

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