Monday, February 16, 2009

Journal 3: Let's Welcome, Not Fear, Online Learning

Let's Welcome, Not Fear, Online Learning by Anita McAnear

I love the way Clayton M. Christensen put the concept of online learning in the book he co-authored, Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns. Innovative technology incorporated into the classroom is "disruptive" when compared to conventional methods, but I believe the implication here is a good one. Technology is disruptive in a very positive way in that it bridges gaps that teachers have struggled with in the past.

Q1: When I become a teacher, how will I incorporate technology into my classroom?

A1: I love Christensen's suggestion that the internet can provide content, tools or even a tutor to assist with the lessons students are learning in the classroom. I will certainly integrate the internet in my classroom in order to reach students of all learning styles. Also, it will be extremely beneficial in producing a classroom full of independent learners.

Q2: In order to incorporate the internet into my classroom, will I have to take up extra time teaching students how to navigate online?

A2: It seems in this day and age, students are learning how to use the computer and even the internet at such a young age, it may not even be an issue. But in the case that even one student does not understand, I could offer a short tutorial at the beginning of class to get them started. If there are still questions, it would be a great lesson to the students that their peers can help them learn as well as the teacher. Also, they may struggle with some things, but through persistence they can learn independently and figure out the answers on their own.

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